Welcome to the Produce Professional Certificate Program

Offered by the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center

The UC Davis Produce Professional Certificate is the first-of-its-kind program for produce industry professionals. The Program allows participants to customize their own curriculum through an a-la-carté menu in addition to a core set of courses. The program also provides registrants with four years' of online access to recorded lectures, presentation handouts and additional valuable resources.

Based on a point system, the Program awards one point for each hour of instruction. Participants work to earn a minimum of 120 points through attendance at several mandatory on-site course, and optional courses and on-line modules selected on an a-la-carte basis within a four year period.  A quiz must be passed after each course.

What it Costs
Certificate Registration Fee: $2500

Register Online for the Certificate Program

Course enrollment fees are not included. Expected costs currently range from $3720-$5150 (subject to annual revision). Registration for individual in-person courses can be accessed on the Postharvest Technology Center's website.  On-line modules are available here on this website.  

Note:  If you have taken one of the core in-person courses within 2 years prior to your enrollment in the Produce Professional Certificate program, you will have the opportunity to take a quiz for credit in lieu of re-enrolling in the course.

To access the learning modules, please click on "Produce Professional Certificate" below.

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    Produce Professional Certificate Program